My Hero Academia Art Reimagines All Might with a Mighty Beard

My Hero Academia put All Might on a pedestal since day one, and the hero did the impossible by living up to expectations. Even while down and out, the Symbol of Peace worked tirelessly to defend those in need. These days, Yagi Toshinori is more busy training students than himself, but fans love to revisit the hero's prime days. And thanks to one artist, netizens can imagine how the man would look like with a beard.

Over on Twitter, the artist BeardedMarkus felt it was time to give All Might a makeover. They felt it was best to do this by giving All Might something few could see him rocking, and that is a beard. The artist got to work on the facial hair, and as you can see down below, All Might looks good with a bit of a beard.

As you can see, All Might looks insanely rugged in this makeover, and much of that is thanks to his beard. The thick beard totally changes the hero's look, and it balks at his clean-cut look. All Might comes off less like Superman with a beard and more like Captain America from the latest Marvel movies.

Of course, this makeover comes down to preference, and there are plenty of My Hero Academia fans who think All Might should rock a beard all the time. However, they have to consider how Yagi would feel about facial hair. In the same way Clark Kent must consider Superman, that is how Yagi must treat his superhero identity. And if he doesn't want to wear a beard in his downtime, well - it doesn't look like All Might will have one period.

What do you think about this bearded design for All Might? Does it suit the hero? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.