Mighty My Hero Academia Cosplay Goes Plus Ultra with Fem All Might

My Hero Academia always made sure to go Plus Ultra with each All Might appearance, and this cosplay taps into that mighty power of the former number one hero in a new way! All Might began the series as the pinnacle of herodom serving as the Symbol of Peace for the hero world in Japan. Izuku Midoriya idolized this version of the hero so much that he wanted to follow in those footsteps, and over the course of the series we have seen how close Midoriya truly has come to taking over for his former hero.

The reason All Might served as such a paragon of the hero world is partly due to his massive frame, that of which gets taken down almost immediately when Midoriya meets All Might in person. This clash of looks between the two All Mights is one of the best aspect of the series thus far, and only works because All Might's prime look is so inspiring.

Artist Kristina Moser (who you can find on Instagram here) brought that heroic prime All Might look to life with a stunning fem spin on the character. It's an All Might that's definitely ready to brawl to save any people in danger, and it's probably what the Symbol of Peace would actually look like in our world. Check out the slick cosplay below:

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As the series continues and we begin to see Izuku Midoriya grow in strength and confidence with each new arc, All Might's role has diminished in the series as a result. Ever since his retirement he's resolved himself to properly teaching Deku how to be a great hero and use One For All, and the latest few arcs have begun to leave the former number one behind completely. Then again, maybe that's just priming him for an even more impressive comeback down the line? We'll see as the series continues to evolve!

Are you hoping to see All Might in full action again in My Hero Academia's future? What are some of your favorite All Might moments in the series? What do you think his future will be as Izuku Midoriya continues to grow up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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