My Hero Academia Showcases One For All's History with His Brother

My Hero Academia season 5 continues with episode 90, "Vestiges", which picks up from the cliffhanger mystery of what's transpiring between no. 1 hero Endeavor, no. 2 hero Haws, and the League of Villains' pyrokinetic madman, Dabi. However, while half of the episode was dedicated to examining the big shake-ups in the pro hero world, the other half was focused squarely on the big developments happening with Izuku Midoriya and his One For All power. The cliffhanger of My Hero Academia finally got answered, as Izuku finally learned more about One For All's original user and the connection to his evil brother, All For One.

Warning My Hero Academia season 5 SPOILERS Follow!

At the end of My Hero Academia season 4, Deku found himself slipping out of his dreams and into a strange astral-like realm, where he made contact with OFA's predecessors. This latest trip into that void results in a history lesson, as Izuku gets to bear witness to the moment when One For All was created!

In the new OFA realm sequence, Izuku observes the confrontation where All For One confronts his little brother and shows off have he can not only take quirks from others but transfer them as well. All For One uses the example of a man with a spikey quirk that's horribly out of control, and a powerless man who wants to protect those he loves; by giving the body-spike power to the powerless man, All For One makes men happier than they were before - and in doing so, secures their loyalty to him then 'New World Order' he hopes to achieve.

My Hero Academia Episode 90 OFA and OFA brothers Origin history
(Photo: Toho)

This insight shows Izuku how All For One's twisted view works: he truly doesn't believe himself a villain, rather a man of action bringing proper "order" to society. All For One's followers love him and his "charity" so much that they kill those who oppose him, without his say-so.

However, because his little brother was the only one to refuse to submit to All For One's will, the villain chose to change him, as well. All For One holds his powerless, little brother prisoner, until the day the evil overlord comes and forcibly endows his brother with a quirk his sickly body could handle: One For All.


This pivotal moment that Deku gets to witness is still no doubt just the preamble to some much larger reveals about All For One, One For All, and what their connection and familial history means for the larger story of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia posts new manga chapters weekly online. Season 5 of the anime is now streaming on Funimation and Hulu.