My Hero Academia Reveals The Origin Of One For All

My Hero Academia's fifth season started with Class 1-A undergoing one of their most intense training exercises to date, with the latest episode taking a departure from the students of UA Academy and instead focusing on the professional heroes as well as a flashback showing audiences the origin of One For All. With Deku exploring the mindscape of the Quirk that gave him his insane abilities, it seems as if all the Vestiges of One For All have returned in order to witness the birth of the source of All Might and Izuku's powers.

In the flashback, we witness the villainous One For All, the antagonist entirely responsible for the birth of the League of Villains that is currently run by the decaying villain known as Shigaraki, discussing his plans with his brother, the soon to be All For One. As we see, All For One is able to create an army of followers by not only granting powers to those who were born without a Quirk but also alter the Quirks of citizens who don't have full control of them. With those All For One touches feeling indebted to the villain, they become his de facto army, doing anything he wishes based on their gratitude for his assistance.

My Hero Academia One For All
(Photo: Studio Bones)

The Quirk of One For All was created by the head of the League of villains, using the Quirk of All For One in order to give his brother his new powers. Though One For All and All For One both read the same stories of superheroes and villains in their youth, the two sides of the same coin gained entirely different learned lessons from the comic books of their childhood, changing their lives forever in the process.

As fans of the My Hero Academia manga know, Midoriya's mastery of One For All will be one of his biggest challenges not only in Season Five, but in the future of the anime in total, as he is presented by threats from villains and fellow classmates alike. As Deku and Shigaraki take the roles of their mentor following the battle between All Might and All For One that took both elders off the playing field, season five of the anime will have plenty of material for the next generation.

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