My Hero Academia Cosplay Serves Up Tamaki's Freshest Look

When it comes to My Hero Academia fans, there is no denying the power of their community. The fanbase has the power to make even the smallest of Easter eggs trend globally on social media, and that doesn't even touch on its fan-works. Over the years, thousands of fans have made projects inspired by the series, and one fan joined the cause recently with their take on Tamaki Amajiki.

Over on Instagram, the user oextrermelunatics decided it was time to share their take on Tamaki. After all, the hero is one of the Big Three at UA Academy, and he is no pushover. If the My Hero Academia anime has taught us anything, it is that Tamaki should never be underestimated, and this cosplay shows off his freshest look.

The cosplay brings the hero-in-training to life with a styled purple-blue wig. The look pairs with the cosplayer's sleek brows and eye makeup which Nejire would surely fawn over. The rest of the casual look is completed with an oversized jacket, dark undershot, and fingerless gloves. The cosplayer even added a few details like painted nails and pointy ears to really get across Tamaki's everyday style.

As you can imagine, this My Hero Academia look has earned the praise of fans the world over. After all, Tamaki is not the first draft pick for cosplayers most of the time, but those who do up the hero make their efforts worth it. And for that, we have to salute this fan for their excellent take on Mirio's right-hand man.


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