My Hero Academia Spotlights Eraserhead and Present Mic in New Art

My Hero Academia has tons of characters under its thumb, but few of them can compare in popularity to its Class 1-A stars. From Izuku to Ashido and even Mineta, the anime has dozens of stars, and that does includes Aizawa himself. The teacher is the glue holding Class 1-A together, and now a new sketch has gone live celebrating Eraserhead and his best friend Present Mic.

As you can see below, the art comes from nstime23 on Twitter, the profile of one of the manga's assistants. The My Hero Academia artist has dropped plenty of behind-the-scenes sketches over the years, and many of them focus on the manga's pros. But instead of inking another Mirko tribute, the page shared a quick doodle of Eraserhead off duty.

The artwork shows the hero with his dark hair down, and his usual stubble can be found as always. With his scarf tucked in, it seems Eraserhead is wearing his own version of Present Mic's costume given his leather jacket and headphones. It looks like the sleepy hero is listening to something on his phone as he walks, and his cell even has Present Mic's silhouette on the back. So if we had to guess, Eraserhead is probably listening to his friend's radio show here.

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Obviously, this My Hero Academia sketch is pretty cute, and it has fans shouting about the series' best pro hero duo. Eraserhead and Present Mic may not seem like obvious friends, but don't let their aesthetics fool you. The two go way back, and their friendship has been tested by tragedy and triumph. So now, it is only fair to have Present Mic give Eraserhead's stealthy suit for a spin!

What do you think of this cute take on Aizawa? Do you want to see more of these heroes and their backstories? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.