My Hero Academia Meets Edward Elric with Clever Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover

My Hero Academia has no shortage of heroes, but a rather clever crossover has given the hit series the one guy it needed, and that is none other than Edward Elric. The star of Fullmetal Alchemist may be known by some of his height, but the eldest Elric is not a fighter to scoff at. The alchemist is one of the most powerful out there, so one artist decided it was time to convert his power into a quirk befitting of My Hero Academia. And if fans had to guess, Bakugo would feel pretty threatened by what Edward can do.

Over on Reddit, the artist Maxicranky made up a concept sheet imagining Edward's place in My Hero Academia. The epic crossover brings the hero straight from his own world and into one where Edward might be one of the most versatile heroes to date.

According to the concept art, Edward is like any other kid at U.A. Academy on the Hero Track. He has a hero identity picked out already as Edwards wants to be known as The Alchemist. In this world, the boy has both arms since his venture into Human Transmutation never occurred, but he can still do no-sign transmutations.


Yes, that is right! The Alchemist is able to perform alchemy according to this mash-up. His Quirk is called Exchange Equivalance and is described as follows: "By touching an object or surface, after putting his palms together, he can transform matter into the shape or composition that he wants."


This power is insanely strong as you can imagine and puts Edward ahead of Momo in ways. His Quirk may rely on his palms touching at some point, but Edward doesn't have to expend much energy to transmute an object. It also seems to happy very quickly which gives Edward an offensive edge in battle, but not even this power could make Edward tall. Even in this universe, the poor kid is under 5'3" so it seems some things never do change.

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