My Hero Academia Cast Addresses Whether Izuku x Ochaco Can Happen

My Hero Academia has bigger things on its plate than romance, but let's not forget the hit series does dabble with its heroes' feelings from time to time. A few couples have come from the anime already, and Ochaco has fueled gossip-hungry fans for years. After all, the girl has made her feelings for Izuku clear, and one of the anime's top stars is addressing whether or not the boy will end up with Ochaco.

Recently, an interview went live with voice actor Daiki Yamashita ahead of Hero Fes this summer. It was there the star was asked by Ayane Sakura, the voice of Ochaco, how he saw the characters' relationship evolving. And to the shock of no one, Yamashita feels Ochaco is the closest person in the series to cracking Izuku's inner romantic.

"As far as I can tell for now, just by reading the manga and doing three seasons, it looks like Uraraka is very high on his list," Yamashita said. "She is also a rival and a companion who aims for the same purpose as a hero. I want to cherish this relationship. Of course, the feelings of love are not zero, so how will Horikoshi move in the future."

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As you can see, Yamashita has put lots of thought into this, and he isn't wrong about Izuku's intimacy with Ochaco. The pair are strictly friends right now, but the girl has already acknowledged her feelings for Izuku. The boy has yet to uncover that side of himself, and it could be some time until it becomes clear. Right now, Izuku is focused on the war and becoming a successor All Might can be proud of. But once the war is done and his goal has been reached, well – Izuku might just find the courage within himself to ask his friend on a date.


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