My Hero Academia Gets Mecha Makeover in New Poster

My Hero Academia has introduced some intriguing AUs to fans in the past, and now, it seems one of them is being expanded with a new poster. For those who don't remember, creator Kohei Horikoshi once inked a sketch showing Class 1-A and its pros on a mission to build a Symbol of Peace mecha. And ahead of a big festival, the show is leaning into that pitch with a new poster.

The artwork made its way online well ahead of Hero Fes 2022. After the My Hero Academia event was announced this month, it seems the manga's team felt it was only right to give Class 1-A a makeover. This year, the promo art leans into the world of Gundam thanks to its mecha aesthetic, and it works incredibly well.

As you can see above, the My Hero Academia poster showcases a large mecha suit of All Might who towers in the background. The Symbol of Peace has become his own mobile suit, and he looks downright mean. From his jetpack to his glowing red eyes, the All Might mecha would be gnarly to face head-on in battle, and we're sure no one can pilot this piece like Izuku can.

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The other poster released highlight the manga and shows Class 1-A building the All Might mecha. Izuku and Ochaco are covered in oil from their work while Aizawa supervises his students up close. Of course, Bakguo is seen directing his classmates with a clipboard in hand while Iida makes certain everyone is safe from afar. All of Class 1-A is pitching in to bring the Symbol of Peace online, and the only person missing here is Mei Hatsume. After all, the Support Course student is a prodigy, and she'd be glad to lend her babies to this project!

What do you think of this latest My Hero Academia promo? Are you hyped for the anime to return this fall? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.