My Hero Academia Creator Reveals Aoyama's True Self in New Sketch

Aoyama might not be the most powerful hero in My Hero Academia by any stretch of the imagination, but he's certainly unlike any crime fighter that we've seen emerge from the mind of creator Kohei Horikoshi. Now, the mangaka responsible for the creation of UA Academy has drawn the shining young hero in such a way that might be quite shocking to those that have been following Class 1-A since the very beginning of the Shonen franchise.

In the anime, Aoyama has been an interesting member of Class 1-A so far, having a Quirk that allows the sparkling hero to unleash an energy blast from his navel which can be used in a number of different ways. Aoyama's hero name is as flamboyant as he is with "Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling" proving to be a major component in the UA Academy civil war that saw Class 1-A and Class 1-B battling it out during season five. With Deku and Aoyama forging a friendship that has brought them closer, the events of the War Arc are sure to rattle most of the young heroes to their core and some friendships might be broken in the process.

Twitter User Atsushi101X shared this ominous new sketch from creator Kohei Horikoshi, presenting an Aoyama who is neither smiling nor shining, instead of holding a grim visage upon his face as the manga series currently plays out the events of its Final Arc, which has a serious role for the young hero to play:

The sixth season of the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia is set to arrive this fall, though Studio Bones has yet to reveal when exactly the new season will begin airing. Later this summer, however, the first episode of season six will arrive as a part of Hero Fes, an event that will be focused primarily on new information when it comes to the journey of Deku and his many crime-fighting friends. 

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