My Hero Academia Fan Animates Impressive Clip of Shigaraki, Dabi, and More

My Hero Academia has some of the most creative fans in the world. It isn't unusual to see the fandom roll out incredible fan-art or cosplays weekly as the community puts so much love into the series. However, there are some fan-projects that go beyond PLUS ULTRA, and one of them has come to light. The user DanchukVova showed out his project for My Hero Academia this year, and it may be one of the most impressive things we've seen this year.

Over on Twitter, the Ukrainian animator showed off their skills with a handmade animation reel. The animator decided to animate some of the best scenes from My Hero Academia in 2020. And as you can see down below, their work is ridiculously impressive.

The one-man clip begins with a look at Shigaraki that morphs into a full-blown tribute to the Raid arc. The manga has bee fixated on this saga for much of 2020 and with good reason. After all, the Raid arc has put real stakes on the table for both heroes and villains in their bid to destroy one another. Shigaraki has become even more powerful after inheriting All For One, and Dabi has shaken fans to the core after revealing he was born Toya Todoroki.

As the reel continues, My Hero Academia fans are given a look at Bakugo and Izuku as they train to hone their powers. However, the most impressive pieces of this reel come with Shoto Todoroki. The poor boy is seen fighting with Dabi in one of the most heart wrenching fights to date. And given the top-notch quality of this video, it is easy to see this kind of showdown happening in season six or seven. So if My Hero Academia wants to nail this arc on-screen, its team better hit up DanchukVova ASAP.


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