My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Introduces Mysterious New Nomu

My Hero Academia's newest cliffhanger introduces a new kind of Nomu to the Vigilantes world. One of the biggest strengths of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is that it takes place years before the events of Kohei Horikoshi's main series, and it's given fans a new perspective on some of the major developments and characters we meet years later in the main title. One of the subplots brewing throughout the spin-off series has been the development of the Nomu we see in full force years later, and the newest chapter of the series gives us our fullest Nomu yet.

With the series currently exploring a flashback showing how the vigilante Knuckleduster once worked as the speedster pro hero O'Clock, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has been teasing an appearance from All For One. But rather than the villain fully making his debut in the action, he's sent out a deadly Nomu that still has human-like features, speech, and the quick healing abilities we see of the complete Nomu in the main series.

Chapter 90 of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes continues the chaos of the underground fighting ring as O'Clock works together with Rappa and a younger Mirko to calm down the fighters going mad due to a strange gas being flooded into the area. But soon a mysterious hooded figure with hands wrapped in bandages appears and lands a massive punch on Rappa.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes New Nomu Cliffhanger Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

After taking down Rappa with a stretchy arm punch, the figure then stretches out its leg to deal a pointed kick on Mirko as she tries and avenge Rappa. Before it can reach out its strecthy arm toward the two of them, O'Clock runs a knife through the side of its arm. But he soon notices that the hooded figure's arm is quickly beginning to heal. As the chapter comes to an end, the hooded figure then proclaims, "You are O'Clock."


Although it's not quite clear who this figure is, we see an eye that matches the kind of warped eyes the Nomu have in the main series. Not only that, but this fight will eventually lead to O'Clock losing his speedster quirk (which sets him on the path to becoming Knuckleduster the vigilante) so there are several questions still needing to be answered about who or what this hooded figure truly is.

But what do you think? What kind of Nomu will this actually be? Could this Nomu even be Number Six? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!