My Hero Academia's Cast Share Their Excitement for the Next Movie

My Hero Academia has plenty of fans backing it up, and it goes without saying they are excited about the its upcoming movie. It was announced recently Izuku will suit up for a third movie under the guidance of creator Kohei Horikoshi. As you can imagine, the cast on My Hero Academia is eager to welcome this new project, and they are sharing their reactions with fans at last!

Over on Twitter, the user shibuyasmash gifted fans a treat when they translated the reactions given by the anime's cast. The first actor to hype up fans was none other than Yuki Kaji, a popular actor who voices Todoroki.

My Hero Academia Movie Three Musketeers
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

"The manga author Kohei Horikoshi will be the chief supervisor and character designer again this time! I have a feeling Shoto Todoroki will have a big role too...? I'm looking forward to it, sure you are too," he wrote.

His comment was joined by Daiki Yamashita, the actor who plays Deku in Japan. The star had far less to say as he simply shared the official announcement with the comment "It's here." The pair were also echoed by Nobuhiko Okamoto who voices Bakugo as the third My Hero Academia actor seemed fired up.

"My Hero Academia movie! Awesome right?! The manga is fun right now too!"


Clearly, the whole cast has been pumped about this project and is glad to share their excitement about it. After all, My Hero Academia fares well at the box office, and hype is high for the anime next year. The show will return with its fifth season next spring, so a third film couldn't have been better timed for Summer 2021! The only thing left to do is ensure its PLUS ULTRA status, and fans are confident Horikoshi will make it so no matter what.

How do you feel about these plans for a third My Hero Academia movie? Are you in favor or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.