My Hero Academia Poster Imagines Dabi's True Colors and True Identity

My Hero Academia fans "ate well" this past week with the big revelation about Dabi's identity finally coming to light, and while many fans were able to successfully guess just who the fire wielding member of the League of Villains was, a new poster truly shows off the malevolence of this fan favorite character. With Dabi unleashing his disturbing origin in the latest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's manga, fans are still reeling from the revelation while also dealing with the insane battles that are currently taking place within the Paranormal Liberation War arc that has seen massive casualties on both sides!

While Dabi's identity has been revealed, there have also been some pivotal moments with regards to the current war being waged against Shigaraki, the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front and current inheritor of the Quirk of All For One. With Shiggy's predecessor still bouncing around inside of his head, the decaying antagonist has been attempting to take down Deku and steal his Quirk to add to his own. Though the arc seems as if it is moving toward its conclusion, as Shigaraki is being taken away by his giant henchman in Gigantomachia, it is clear that the ramifications of this latest saga will change the world of My Hero Academia forever.

Twitter User Hexamendle shared this "re-color" of the pivotal moment wherein Dabi revealed the fact, once and for all, that he is the son of Endeavor and brother to Shoto Todoroki, explaining that the years of torment that his father put him through in his earlier years:

Endeavor certainly was never going to win father of the year, having put his family through hell in order to try to train the next generation of heroes while consistently striving to take himself out of All Might's shadow. In doing so however, the Todoroki family was essentially destroyed, and it is only in recent chapters of the manga that a shaky peace had begun to form, which has clearly been shattered as a result of Toya's "return". Needless to say, Endeavor and Shoto are going to have a lot of battles in the future of the series that spawned UA Academy!

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