My Hero Academia Season 4 Confirms Blu-ray, DVD Release Info

My Hero Academia's fourth season featured Midoriya pitting his strength against the likes of [...]

My Hero Academia's fourth season featured Midoriya pitting his strength against the likes of Overhaul and Gentle Criminal, and while it reached its conclusion earlier this year, some new information regarding the upcoming home release for the franchise on Blu-Ray and DVD! Though this upcoming release won't cover the entirety of the fourth season, the first half of the season covers Class 1-A's battle against the villainous Overhaul, the leader of the Yakuza, who is looking to affect the world by eliminating the Quirks of the professional heroes and putting the villains firmly in charge.

Set to be released in the fall (pre-orders are live at Right Stuf now), My Hero Academia Season Four Part One won't just cover the first half of the recent season, but will also include interviews from the English voice actors for both Midoriya and Overhaul. On top of these interviews, the home video release will also give fans the opportunity to take a "behind the scenes" look into the production of the series in North America when it comes to its voice acting. Though there hasn't been any news regarding the second half of the fourth season, we would imagine that based on the popularity of the franchise, it will be announced sooner rather than later.

Twitter User WTK shared the details that were released by Funimation with regards to the fall release for the first half of the fourth season of My Hero Academia, covering the war between the young heroes of UA Academy and the Yakuza led by the nefarious Overhaul:

The second half of My Hero Academia, of course, followed Midoriya and company battling against Gentle Criminal, a villain that used the equivalent of "Youtube" to spread his villainy across the world. Following the Cultural Festival Arc, the spotlight was featured on the current number one and number two heroes in Endeavor and Hawks. With the finale of the season showing off the power of the top two heroes against a High End Nomu unleashed by the League of Villains, it also confirmed a fifth season is already in the works that will dive into the further adventures of Deku and company.

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