My Hero Academia Season 4 Dub Finishes With Its Most Explosive Scene Yet

My Hero Academia anime fans just got a big gift, as season 4 of the English dub finally premiered [...]

My Hero Academia anime fans just got a big gift, as season 4 of the English dub finally premiered its final two seasons on streaming services. "Japanese Hero Billboard Chart" and "His Start" reveal the new lineup of Top 10 pro heroes, following All Might's retirement as no. 1. However, as soon as the new pro hero elite are established, the villains unleash deadly new threats on society, forcing the new top two pro heroes, Endeavor and Hawks, to team-up for a fierce battle! As you can see in the clip below, the final episode My Hero Academia season 4 proves why fiery hero Endeavor is now the new no. 1!

In "His Start" Endeavor's meeting with No. 2 Hawks is disrupted when the League of Villains unleash a new breed of intelligent Nomu to ambush the heroes. Endeavor and Hawks engage the Intelligent Nomu in a fierce battle, learning to their horror that the new Intelligent Nomu have sharp strategic minds and freakish regeneration powers - so much so that even the top two pro heroes are left reeling on the ropes.

However, Endeavor sees the gathering crowd of civilians and realizes that in All Mights' absence, people need more than to just be saved from death or injury - they need to have the feeling of hope instilled in their hearts again. Digging deep, Endeavor pushes through his considerable injuries and pain, truly going "Plus Ultra" with his powers to defeat the Nomu in a flash of of hellish fire.

As you can see on social media, anime fans are loving the work that actor Patrick Seitz put into voicing Endeavor in this sequence. My Hero Academia allows for some truly epic dramatic vocal performances in key battle scenes - and Endeavor's battle with the Intelligent Nomu is certainly one of those highlights. The "Prominence Burn" ultimate move Endeavor unleashed came from a place of deep passion and pain - which Seitz captures perfectly. Between this role, and his role voicing the almighty Jiren in Dragon Ball Super, Seitz has a bright future of English Dub anime ahead of him.

My Hero Academia season 4 ends with Endeavor earning his place at the top - even as dark new threats from the League of Villains are clearly arising. In th midst of all that, Izuku Midoriya got a stunning new revelation about his One For All power, which will change the game entirely.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.