My Hero Academia Season 5 Reveals Its Exact Release Date

In the last year, My Hero Academia has been working hard on its manga, and the anime has carried on production behind the scenes for season five. The show is slated to return in just a matter of months at this point, so you can see why hype for the series is so high. In fact, the My Hero Academia fandom has been waiting patiently for further updates on the show's April debut, and a poster update seems to reveal exactly when the anime will release its fifth season.

Recently, the official website for My Hero Academia updated its graphics in Japan. It was there fans were treated to a renovated version of season five's poster. The makeover added the exact premiere date for the show, and it turns out March 27 is the lucky day.

MHA Season5 !!!!!

The new text promises Saturday, March 27 will bring out the first episode of season five at last. Fans are fairly certain this update will go live with a recap episode of sorts, but any new content is good content to fans. After all, it has been months since season four came to a close, and season five promises to be a doozy.

It must also be said that this March 2021 premiere is ahead of schedule in an odd way. The first, second, and third seasons of the anime all went live in April of their respective years while season four premiered in the fall. Many netizens expected season five to follow the trend by going live in April 2021, but it seems the late-March premiere makes more sense for Studios Bones and the My Hero Academia production committee.

And why might that be? Well, it may come down to production or on-air issues stemming from the pandemic. A lot of shows had to shuffle around their plans for 2021 due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19. The early date could have also been chosen because of My Hero Academia's upcoming film. The movie is slated to debut in summer 2021, so that looming release may have pushed season five up a bit.


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