Is It Time For My Hero Academia To Really Kill Off Some Major Characters?

As the headline asks: is it time for My Hero Academia to really kill off some major characters? It [...]

As the headline asks: is it time for My Hero Academia to really kill off some major characters? It seems like now is the time for asking, as My Hero Academia's big war arc seems to be coming to its end. While the Paranormal Liberation War arc did indeed see some admittedly significant deaths on both the hero and villain sides, it looks like the core characters in the series will seemingly part ways to fight another day, after undergoing some significant evolution in both their character arcs and powers. However, with all the death flags that were planted all over this arc, it might be time for My Hero Academia to see things through.

Warning: My Hero Academia manga SPOILERS follow!

Going into the war arc, it was foreshadowed that characters like Izuku Midoriya, Bakugo, All Might, Endeavor, Aizawa, and Hawks, could each potentially be casualties of the battle (to varying degrees of injury, death, or power deletion). Some of that did come true: Aizawa and Hawks (along with a dozen other top pro heroes) may be too maimed to continue in their careers; and Endeavor was emotionally broken by learning that Dabi is his thought-dead son, Toya. The League of villains lost even more of its B-players in Twice and Mr. Compress, while Gigantomachia looks like he's off the board, in captivity. But all in all, My Hero Academia's old guard is still in place, and all of the prominent younger characters are too.

But how long can all these major characters in a crowded ensemble last?

My Hero Academia Major Character Deaths Spoilers Theory

Anime/manga is a genre where eventually the bill comes due. Right now, it seems impossible that both All Might and All For One can continue in the story for much longer. All For One has taken the bold step of forcibly possessing the body of his young protege, Shigaraki; that's a conflict that seems destined for a Highlander-style, "there can only be one," ending. One of those two major villains has to go.

The novelty of All Might being One For All's only surviving previous user seems like a destiny that's in need of correction soon, as well. Mentor's pretty much exist in anime to one day die and propel the hero to his/her next level of maturity and power. It's an inevitable tragedy that Izuku Midoriya seems destined for: losing the surrogate father in his life, just like his real father vanished from the picture.

It's not all about the old hero/villain leaders. With things getting so deadly real in the hero/villain worlds, My Hero Academia's titular students may start finding out the real danger of their chosen profession. A new dark tide is going to gather, and the students may graduate to life or death battles with those villains, soon enough. The time for school is quickly running out.

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