My Hero Academia Theory Suggests a Prison Break Arc Is on the Way

My Hero Academia has been busy this past year with its most intense arc yet, but there is more on [...]

My Hero Academia has been busy this past year with its most intense arc yet, but there is more on the way. As the sun sets on the Raid arc, all of hero society is in for a dark wake-up call thanks to All For One. The villain is still directing his followers despite being imprisoned, and if a new theory is right, then All For One might escape his jail cell before long.

Recently, readers were informed the Raid arc was at its climax, and it seems the series has brought the story to a close. My Hero Academia is set to move on from its most deadly arc in the new year, but that doesn't mean everything will be rosy afterward. The fallout of the raid must be dealt with, and fans believe our heroes are heading for another dark arc.


After all, All For One made his presence within Shigaraki known in this most recent arc. My Hero Academia did not hold back the baddie as All For One has made it clear he wishes to take over Shigaraki's body. Their unbalanced bond has made things even more difficult for Izuku who wants to save Shigaraki nowadays. And to make things worse for both of these boys, All For One could break out of jail shortly.

It is clear All For One is keeping tabs on the world while he is locked away. It was foolish to think Tartarus could hold the villain as he can still reach out to Shigaraki amongst others. It wouldn't be hard for All For One to orchestrate a prison break either through the League or perhaps some stored Nomu. His release would be the final nail in the coffin for hero society's credibility with the public, and if All For One breaks out, there is little stopping Stain or even Kurogiri from joining the baddie. Other villains like Muscular, Overhaul, and Moofish are locked up there as well. So if you thought the Raid arc was bad, well - this pitched prison break could get even messier.

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