My Hero Academia Focuses On Endeavor's Change of Heart In New Episode

The Joint Training Exercise Arc is still the focus of My Hero Academia's fifth season, pitting [...]

The Joint Training Exercise Arc is still the focus of My Hero Academia's fifth season, pitting Class 1-A and 1-B against one another to see who has the best mastery of their Quirks, but the latest episode took the opportunity to show Endeavor at the top of his game as the number one hero with a serious change of heart. While there certainly is no lost love between Endeavor and his son within the ranks of UA Academy, it seems as if the man who has taken over for All Might is trying to turn over a new leaf.

Currently, the third battle is taking place during the Training Exercise, with Todoroki joining the likes of Ingenium, Tailman, and Tentacool, following the devastating loss in the previous episode that saw Tokoyami and his comrades losing their fight. With Class 1-B being represented by Real Steel, Mudman, Spiral, and Rocketti, it's clear that the 1-A students are in for the fight of their lives. With the fight beginning, it's clear that 1-B is at a disadvantage as a result of none of their fighters having the ability to "scout", aka learn more about their surroundings quickly and easily, but that hasn't hampered their outlook when it comes to a victory.

My Hero Academia Endeavor
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As the match begins, we witness Endeavor pursuing a unique villain who is racing down the road thanks to his unique Quirk, with the number one hero followed by other heroes in his agency. Though the flame hero makes quick work of the villain, his mind is elsewhere as he attempts to figure out why he can't get into contact with his son. Remembering the torturous training that he put Shoto through, Endeavor is attempting to mend the burnt bridges between himself and his son. In an adorable moment, Endeavor questions why Shoto hasn't accepted his "friend request".

Endeavor isn't simply attempting to fill the power vacuum left by All Might's absence, but also his status as the "Symbol of Peace", which he does in this new episode by having a brief conversation with the children he saved during the pursuit. Though Endeavor is attempting to mend his relationship with his youngest son, he has a long way to go thanks in part to the torture he inflicted on Shoto.

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