My Hero Academia Gives Endeavor the Perfect Meme with The Rock's Help

My Hero Academia is working its way through season five, and it seems like all things are going well. Not only did the show's recent premiere break records overseas, but fans are also loving its focus on the Todoroki clan. After all, Endeavor has a lot to do if he wants to atone for his past, and season five helped make the pro hero a little more likable with help from... The Rock?

Yes, that is right. Whether it was intentional or not, The Rock seems to have spread his reach to My Hero Academia. The whole thing began after Endeavor came home following his battle with the High-End Nomu, and fans could not help but notice his familiar outfit.

As you can see above, the outfit Endeavor chose for his homecoming is pretty interesting. The man is wearing a tight long-sleeve turtleneck in black that hugs his huge frame. He paired the look with light jeans and a belt that may ring a bell for you. After all, this outfit is very similar to the one Dwayne Johnson wore back in the 1990s for a photoshoot, and the image has become the stuff of legend.

Sure, Endeavor might be missing a chain necklace and fanny pack here, but his look is too close to The Rock to miss. Now, My Hero Academia fans have taken the hilarious comparison to the next level online, so you can find all of the Endeavor memes out there. The only thing that would make this better is if Johnson would share the meme himself, but it is alright if he passes. John Cena happens to be a huge fan of My Hero Academia, so he might be the WWE star to do it...

What do you make of this meme? Do you think The Rock could swing it as a pro in My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.