My Hero Academia Art Explores The Younger Years of Bakugo And Deku

My Hero Academia has followed the story of Deku and Bakugo for years at this point, with the series documenting the shaky friendship that the two have over the course of its manga and anime adaptation. With the series set to come to a close with the current "Final Arc", an assistant to creator Kohei Horikoshi has taken the opportunity to revisit the younger days of two of the strongest heroes in Class 1-A.   

Deku and Bakugo have butted heads over the course of the series more times than we can count, as their younger years saw the explosive young hero tormenting the inheritor of One For All due to the fact that Midoriya wasn't born with a Quirk of his own. While Bakugo has cooled down since his early days at UA Academy where he cared little for his fellow classmates, his Quirk still makes him one of the most powerful crime-fighters not just at the school, but in the world of superheroes as a whole. Bakugo has been teaming up with Mirko and several other heroes in attempting to defeat Shigaraki in the latest manga chapters, setting the stage for a dynamic entry by Deku.

My Hero Academia artist, Yoshinori, who has been an assistant to creator Kohei Horikoshi with an affinity for Mirko shared this new sketch that gives us another take on the earlier days of the relationship between Deku and Bakugo, which would normally see the latter giving the former hell:

The manga isn't the only thing that My Hero Academia has to look forward to in its future, with the anime adaptation set to return this fall with its sixth season, documenting the traumatic tale of the War Arc. This titanic tussle will affect both the lives of the franchise's heroes and villains alike and rest assured, not everyone is getting out of this season alive.

Would you want to see a prequel series to My Hero Academia arrive in the future? Do you think Deku and Bakugo will survive the events of the Final ARc of the series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.