My Hero Academia Art Reveals Izuku's Reaction to Bakugo and His New Fire Power

My Hero Academia latest manga chapter increased the heat on its explosive Final War arc – quite literally! My Hero Academia Chapter 358 took the focus of the multi-front battle back to the main event: taking down AFO-Shigaraki! The elaborate arena the heroes built to contain AFO-Shigaraki and his nightmarish powers has been straining some of the most powerful and cunning heroes (Best Jeanist, Eraser Head, Mirko, Kamui Woods, Momo Yaoyorozu) to the limit. Well, as AFO-Shigaraki continues with this Akira-style body-horror attack, Bakugo decided it was time to step up and show off his new level of power! 

(WARNING: My Hero Academia SPOILERS Follow) 

All For One loves to attack with more than just the army of quirk powers he's stolen over the years: he's also a masterful mind gamer. As he fights the pro heroes, All For One also tries to get into their heads with some dark perspective to break their resolve. Bakugo lets the archvillain know that he's been sick of the 'yapping' AFO has done ever since his monologue at the Battle of Kamino, and he's ready to shut him up. 

We knew from flashbacks that Class 1-A has been hard at work leveling up while Izuku Midoriya was lost in the dark obsession of accessing his full One For All powers and stopping All For One's army himself. To prove they were Deku's equals, his Class 1-A comrades all pushed themselves in training, and costume upgrades. For Bakugo that meant learning how to store up the explosive residue he secretes, and distribute it in a barrage of blasts. To help harness that new power, Bakugo went to the Support Course at U.A. High School, and got a significant costume upgrade! 

In My Hero Academia Chapter 358, Bakugo unveils his new "Suppressive Heavy Mobile Unit" of shoulder-mounted canons – like every bit like Marvel's War Machine. The SHMU allowed Bakugo to become a one-man tank brigade, laying down explosive fire in every direction – enough to potentially get to, and eliminate, AFO-Shigaraki! 


Now, the nature of the pro heroes attack plan means that Bakugo's big moment to shine against All For One took place on a separate battlefield from where Izuku and other to Pro Heroes (Endeavor, Hawks) are facing All For One's main body. However, this nice piece of My Hero Academia fan art does imagine now Izuku woul've reacted if he'd seen Kachan's big moment: 

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