My Hero Academia Shows Off Bakugo's New Tech

My Hero Academia is now making its way through the final battle between the heroes and villains, and the newest chapter of the series has armed up Katsuki Bakugo with some of his most explosive hero gear yet. The Final Act of the series is now in the midst of the final battles against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, and with the All For One fight reaching a stopping point with the previous chapter of the series, it's time to look back on how the fight with Shigaraki is faring. And Bakugo is letting loose and going all out.  

When we had last seen the fight against Shigaraki in the U.A. School floating above the ground, Mirko and the other heroes were doing their best to dodge Shigaraki's decay quirk as he morphed his hands into a giant blob like mess and threatened to destroy everything. We had seen Mirko and Bakugo fight together in a pretty powerful team up, but they were still very much struggling against the very powerful villain. But with Bakugo running out of options, he unleashes his newest gear upgrade, the Suppressive Heavy Mobile Unit, Strafe Panzer. Check it out: 

Chapter 358 of My Hero Academia sees Shigaraki continuing to send out massive waves of his morphing hands in order to catch the heroes and decay them while he dodges them, but he's also starting to slow down the more he sends his hands. Bakugo then reveals that he had asked the Support Course for some extra gear, and had stocked up enough sweat to use it properly. The ultra long naming convention goes along with his new hero name, and it's fitting as it dons him with a series of guns strapped to his shoulders that still allow him to move around properly. 

He begins to fire his explosions from each of the mini-canons on his back while using his palms, and it's knocking out a lot of the branching hands. In order to wear him out and expose the main body, Bakugo is using this new gear to get close as quickly as possible. We'll see whether or not this works in the next chapters, and given there's a chance it might tire him out faster, it might be his last chance. 


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