My Hero Academia Unveils The Most Prized Possession of Bakugo

My Hero Academia has been testing Katsuki Bakugo more so than ever before, and the newest chapter of the series actually dug deeper into his personality by giving fans a look at the prized possession he's been carrying with him through the entire series so far! The final war between the heroes and villains is heating up as the heroes have been trying every trick in the book in order to hold back Tomura Shigaraki long enough until Izuku Midoriya can get to the battlefield and fight back. Bakugo's taken on most of this weight and put the need for victory on his shoulders.  

The newest chapter of the series picks up after Bakugo took on a number of deadly injuries in the fight against Shigaraki, and he's been trying his best to come up with a plan of counterattack in which he could still play a part. Jumping back into the fight then sees him taking a very aggressive and seemingly fatal blow, and when this happens Bakugo enters a dream like state in which he reflects on just how much All Might actually means to him. So much so that he's been carrying around an All Might trading card in his hero suit this entire time. 

Chapter 362 of My Hero Academia sees Bakugo taking a very dangerous blow to the heart from Shigaraki, and in his head he has a conversation with the visage of All Might's power within All For One. It's here that he reveals that he's been carrying around the All Might trading card that he and Izuku got as kids, and it turns out that he actually wanted an autograph from All Might all this time. He realizes he was an angry young punk when he first met the hero, and only know reaching the end of his life that he realizes he missed out. 

It's then revealed in the final pages of the chapter that Bakugo indeed took a fatal blow from Shigaraki, and he actually had been carrying around the All Might card as it had slipped out of his hero gear and is now bloodied and damage from everything that happened. It's an unfortunate reveal at such an unfortunate time, and now it just remains to be seen whether or not he'll actually be able to get that autograph someday. 

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