My Hero Academia Artist Teases Bakugo's Post-War Design

If there is one thing My Hero Academia fans are obsessed with, it is Bakugo Katsuki. The character had a rough start when creator Kohei Horikoshi kicked off his series, but over the years, the My Hero Academia manga has turned the hero around. These days, Dynamight represents the best parts of a redemption arc, but that doesn't mean the My Hero Academia character is invulnerable. Right now, Bakugo's life is in the balance, and one of the manga's artists is exploring his post-war future.

The work comes from Twitter courtesy of Shotaro Noguchi, one of the assistants who works on the My Hero Academia manga. As you can see below, the illustrator posted a spoilery sketch to social media starring Bakugo, and it imagines how the hero will look once the manga's final act runs its course.

As you can see, Bakugo is healed up from his fight with Shigaraki, and he is still alive despite taking a lethal amount of damage to the heart. Still, there is one big thing different here, and that is Bakugo's arm. The My Hero Academia made it clear one of the boy's arms was essentially amputated by Shigaraki and his decay quirk. So in this illustration, we can see Bakugo using a high-tech prosthetic.

The sleek metal design fits Bakugo's physique perfectly, and we can see it is equipped with some weaponry. It seems the prosthetic's forearm can send out explosions, so it acts as a grenadier itself. You can just imagine what designers like Mei Hatsume did to tailor this prosthetic to Bakugo, and much like Aizawa's own device, this tool will give our hero back his freedom to work.

Obviously, this piece of art is not canon to the My Hero Academia manga in any way, but it is nice to see the series' team thinking of the future. This is especially true for Bakugo as it has been a hot minute since we've seen the hero. The last time the My Hero Academia manga checked on Bakugo, he was on the border of life and death as Edgeshot tried to heal him. Nowadays, the series is focusing on All For One's battle as well as Deku vs Shigaraki. But hopefully, Noguchi and the others will get to check in on Bakugo for real to put fans' minds at ease.

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