My Hero Academia Has Fans Real Worried About America's Number One Hero

My Hero Academia has its fair share of heroes, and plenty of its pros stand as role models for women. From Mt. Lady to Ryuko and even Ochaco, there are tons of heroines in the universe, and they kick serious butt. Now, that has been expanded with the debut of America's top pro hero, but fans are a bit worried about the woman...

And now, it isn't because of her nationality or skintight suit. It turns out the fandom is worried Star and Stripe is about to be nerfed, and there is good reason to fret.


If you are caught up with the My Hero Academia manga, you will know what's up. Star and Stripe debuted at the end of chapter 328 as she made her way to Japan without full permission. As one of All Might's students, the woman is determined to answer his call for help, but fans are feeling unsettled about her sudden appearance.

After all, fans know Shigaraki is on the prowl, and he has just a few more days to go before he is at full power. Star and Stripe is no doubt strong, and her studies under All Might do mean a lot. But in the past, My Hero Academia has killed or maimed heroines to make a point about the villains and their strength.

You don't have to look far to see what fans mean. Mirko and Midnight are the latest victims of this treatment. The latter unfortunately died to show the might of Shigaraki's army, and Mirko was thoroughly maimed in the same battle. Before them, Midnight found herself laid out from a battle, but fans must note this happens to male characters as well. Ida's older brother paid the price along with Crust and even Aizawa. If these heroes can get nerfed with their status, there is nothing protecting Star and Stripe from undergoing the same.

For now, fans are hoping the heroine continues on with My Hero Academia rather than dying off. The woman's story has hooked readers already, and the manga has been begging for explore foreign pros for some time. So for now, let's just hope Star and Stripe has done their research on Shigaraki and his gang.

What do you think about Star and Stripe's debut? Do you think she will end up being fodder in My Hero Academia or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.