My Hero Academia Finally Explains How Pros Influence National Security

Over the years, My Hero Academia has made it clear that its society has a lot of moving pieces. Much like the Marvel or DC Universe, the manga has built a hero-centric society with its own set of pitfalls. And now, a new chapter of My Hero Academia has outed one of its world's most pointed slips.

The whole thing went live this week when chapter 328 went live. It was there fans read along as Izuku and All Might came to a truce while word was shared about Shigaraki's big deadline. The remaining heroes in Japan are set to fight the villains before long, but the team needs help. That is why All Might puts a direct request in for foreign aid, and fans are given a lesson in global security shortly after.

The talk comes from the manga's version of the United Nations, so things got stuffy real fast. A bunch of no-name leaders are seen discussing the big request as they stand up for their nations. That is when one leader makes the following observation:

"The strength of our heroes is directly tied to domestic power. When they go abroad, a nation is less able to deter attacks, and the balance crumbles."

Not long after, a different leader goes on to explain why any country's security is perforated during this kind of rollout request. "Any large-scale deployment tends to encourage the major crime syndicates to stir up trouble, but this time is worst than ever," they share.


Japan might have a major gap in heroes right now, and the global community is invested in addressing the issue. However, for some leaders, they do not like the idea of leaving their homeland with lessen defenses. This complaint is very valid, but with the globalization see in My Hero Academia, All For One's return is bad for everyone. It won't take much for the baddie to recruit villains on a global scale, so heroes like Star and Stripe are deadset on stopping the baddie before his plans can move forward. 

What do you think of the My Hero Academia's impromptu civics lesson? Did you ever stop to think about the global impact of pro heroes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.