My Hero Academia Cosplay Skips With Mirko The Rabbit Hero

My Hero Academia has brought heroes young and old together to fight against Shigaraki and his vast forces as a part of the anime adaptation's sixth season. While there have been several moments for the crime fighters across the board, the MVP of the earliest episodes might be Mirko the rabbit hero. Giving an arm and a leg to fight against the High-End Nomu, she might not be able to battle Shigaraki, but she remains a valuable asset to UA Academy.     

While the anime adaptation is currently running through the Paranormal Liberation War, the Final Arc is taking place in My Hero Academia's manga and has given Mirko a major role despite the injuries that she suffered in her fight against Dr. Garaki's strongest experiments. Teaming up with Bakugo while harboring some new technology that has her back to kicking through villains that stand in her way, Mirko also was able to make a splash thanks to singer Megan Thee Stallion dressing up as the Rabbit Hero for Halloween this year and showing her love of the Shonen franchise once again.

Mirko Hero Academia 

Instagram Cosplayer Bby Jemz took the opportunity to share their take on Mirko, following her dynamic battles against the High-End Nomu which saw Shigaraki being stopped from acquiring the full power of All For One, but meaning that the Rabbit Hero is going to have to operate into the future missing a few limbs:

My Hero Academia's sixth season has plenty more episodes to come, though the War Arc has already seen major heroes and villains fall as a result of this ambush on the Paranormal Liberation Front. Originally, most of the young students that made up Class 1-A were left on the sidelines, assisting civilians in the fallout of the major battle between heroes and villains, but Shigaraki's awakening has brought Deku and Bakugo face-to-face with the decaying villain and the other members of UA Academy are now attempting to figure out the best way to take down Gigantomachia. 

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