My Hero Academia Reveals the Surprisingly Creepy Contents of Deku's Diary

The relationship between Midoriya and his rival/bully in Bakugo has been an interesting one, and in the series of My Hero Academia, one fan has managed to find panels from the manga that demonstrate the creepier side of Deku as the pages of his diary are revealed! Though Midoriya at first kept trying to start a friendship with Kacchan, the relentless bullying that the explosion wielding hero would unleash upon the powerless Deku seemed to have unnerved him far more than we originally thought. While the pair are "frenemies" at the moment, they used to hold a far worse relationship.

Deku and Midoriya's relationship has always been "touch and go" with the two aspiring heroes acting as rivals to one another. As the anime franchise has progressed its story, the two have learned from one another more and more, with the most recent example being the second feature length film of the series, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising! In the film, both Deku and Kacchan are placed front and center on an island community where they have to team up to take down the heir apparent to All For One in Nine. It is through this understanding that the two truly begin to understand one another more and their bond became that much stronger.

Twitter User IncorrectMina unearthed this hilariously disturbing scene where Deku discovers an old diary that he had from earlier on in his life wherein he shared his true feelings about the abuse that he was undergoing thanks to Bakugo and describing just what he was looking to do to exact his revenge:

This is a serious departure from the typical Midoriya that we've come to know who has a big heart to back up the power that he inherited from All Might. In his diary, he notes that he would want to rip off Bakugo's leg and send him a box of spiders via mail, proving just how much torment that Kacchan had been unloading on the young, powerless, aspiring hero.

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