My Hero Academia: What Does Shigaraki's All For One Power Mean for Deku?

My Hero Academia's latest "Paranormal Liberation War" arc has been setting the stage for the series' biggest event milestone yet, as the pro hero world and star first-year student of U.A., have had to unite to stop the combined might of Tomura Shigaraki's League of Villains, and Re-Destro's Meta Liberation Army. At the center of this war, are two ultimate weapons brewing on either side of the conflict: Izuku Midoriya's newly-evolving One For All power, and Tomura Shiagraki's newly-revealed All For One powers. Now that we know that these two rivals are each carrying the ultimate power of good and evil (respectively), what does it mean for My Hero Academia?

Warning - My Hero Academia manga chapter 270 SPOILERS Follow!

It's All For One's disciple Dr. Ujiko / Garaki who reveals to pro hero Present Mic how he came to serve the evil villain. It was Garaki who was the infamous scientist who proposed the Quirk Singularity Theory to the world 70 years ago, only to be labeled a crackpot, and ostracized from society. It was All For One who took him in, and used Garaki's research to pioneer ways of copying and stealing quirks - so that he could copy his own All For One power and pass the original All For One on to Tomura Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia Deku One For All vs Shigaraki All For One Fight Quirk Singularity

We don't yet know the purpose of All For One's plan for Shigaraki. However, we know that Dr. Garaki boosted Shigaraki's powers to potentially disastrous new levels; we also know that Midoriya has been getting deeper access to the true power of One For All, as the Paranormal Liberation War began. It seems that there's a pretty ominous connection forming between Shigaraki and Deku, that could be the fulfillment of everything Garaki first predicted with his "Paranormal Singularity Theory."


There's been little doubt since the beginning of the Paranormal Liberation War that things were headed this way. In fact, My Hero Academia has been foreshadowing the possible end of Deku and Shigaraki for awhile now. Shigaraki has had his disintegration and All For One powers boosted by Garaki, and has just woken up in that new state. When Shigaraki's power is unleashed, it's already being made clear that One For All will awaken in Deku like never before. The Paranormal Liberation War's climax will almost certainly seeing Deku and Shigaraki unleash the full One For All vs. All For One powers in battle. Once that happens, it's not just the risk of both boys dying in the fight - it could be the fulfillment of the Quirk Singularity doomsday theory that Garaki warned of.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.