My Hero Academia: Why Eri Could Become the Series' Ultimate Plot Armor

Throughout numerous anime series, there has been a "mcguffin" that can foten undo some of the major plot developments that take place in a franchise, such as the dragon balls being able to bring back anyone in Akira Toriyama's series, and it seems as if Eri of My Hero Academia may have the power to be the same in the super hero series! First introduced in the fourth season of the anime, kidnapped by the villain Overhaul, Eri has beens truggling with her Quirk that has serious implications, both good and bad, on the world at large.

Eri's Quirk, for those who might not be familiar, allows her to "rewind" an individual to a previous form, being able to not only heal a majority of wounds but also take targets back to a time before they had their super powers. With Overhaul using Eri's blood in order to create Quirk erasing bullets that negated the abilities of Mirio, aka Lemillion, in the titanic battle of the fourth season, Eri was eventually rescued and brought into UA Academy to undo the scars that were left on her by the villainous Yakuza.

My Hero Academia Eri
(Photo: Studio Bones)

While Eri is still struggling to control her powers, with Eraserhead hanging around her in order to negate her Quirk if it runs out of control, her mastery of her Quirk would have big ramifications on the world of My Hero Academia. As she did with Midoriya during his final fight against Overhaul, Eri was able to instantly heal any wound he incurred by accessing the full force of One For All. Having a character that can heal the wounds of any battle would do well for the heroes' side in the future of the series, especially with the villains stronger than they ever have been.

So would only be able to heal any wound be enough to be considered a "mcguffin"? Well considering how Eri's powers work, there is a possibility that she would be able to reverse a corpse back to a previous state where they were alive, undoing some major events that have taken place in the series to date. Needless to say, changing Eri into "dragon balls" would be a boon for heroes, but would also create the "ultimate plot armor" for the heroes of UA Academy.

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