ESPN Drops My Hero Academia Meme in Now-Viral Twitter Post

My Hero Academia is set to return for its fifth season next year, and it seems that the populartiy [...]

My Hero Academia is set to return for its fifth season next year, and it seems that the populartiy of Deku and his fellow students at UA Academy is stretching to some unexpected places as the sports television network of ESPN has shared a meme using Midoriya's image. Being an Atlanta sports fan hasn't been the easiest thing in the world these past few years if you live in the Georgia city, considering the records of teams like the Falcons and the Braves and this feeling is perfectly captured in the My Hero Academia meme shared by the premiere sports network!

While we haven't seen Midoriya playing sports like Basketball or Football during his time at UA Academy, he did partake in a sport in a sense as the earlier arc of the UA Academy Sports Festival showed off the quirks and fortitude of the classmates within Class 1-A. Though Deku ultimately didn't win this tournament, with his rival Bakugo taking home the top spot for most powerful student, it was clear that Midoriya was a force to be reckoned with all the same. While the series currently has the heroes battling against the insane power of the Paranormal Liberation Front in the manga, we wouldn't be surprised to see this Festival return at some point in the future of the franchise!

ESPN shared this hilarious meme that captures the heartbreak of fans of the Atlanta Braves after witnessing the conclusion of the World Series baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, using the classic image of Deku sad at not being able to become a super hero himself before the days of him fighting crime at UA Academy:

While My Hero Academia's focus obviously isn't on sports, there are plenty of anime series that focus on sporting events as their main source of conflict. Franchises such as Slam Dunk, Haikyu, Free, Prince of Tennis, and too many others to count use the medium of sports to help give us some of the most acting packed anime series that don't revolve around firing off an energy blast or unleashing a Quirk to battle evil doers!

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