My Hero Academia Meme Points Out an Important Fact About Bakugo

My Hero Academia has spent a lot of time world building since its debut, and that effort shows. [...]

My Hero Academia has spent a lot of time world building since its debut, and that effort shows. Fans have a very good sense of the world that Kohei Horikoshi's story takes place within. From schooling to the economy, the creator has touched upon it all. But thanks to a now-viral post, fans are just realizing something about Katsuki Bakugo that they never registered before.

Over on Reddit, the user hoaxandtheshrine got the fandom buzzing with an innocuous post. The user pointed out how nice Katsuki's house is, and they put the pieces together after visiting his parents' jobs. After all, Katsuki's dad works in the design industry, and his wife seems to have connections in the field as well. And if this house says anything, it is that the Bakugo family is well off.

bakugo home
(Photo: Bones)

This post drummed up lots of conversation and made many My Hero Academia fans check in on the Midoriya family. It was there fans realized how quaint Izuku grew up. Inko lives in a very economical apartment with few bells and whistles. It is nothing like the full-on home that Katsuki grew up within, so fans are more curious than ever how Inko befriend Mitsuki Bakugo. The pair are said to live close to one another, but given their apparently wealth disparity, they cannot live too-too close.

Of course, it is hard to talk about wealth and its accumulation with My Hero Academia. Fans know Pro Heroes are paid well as they rank higher; Ochaco has explained as much, and she wants to use her quirk to make things easier on her parents' financial struggles. You also have families with the Ida, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu. They are very wealthy given their palatial homes. It is difficult to estimate just how well the Bakugo family is doing when compared to guys like Endeavor, but it is safe to say Katsuki's parents make more than your everyday couple.

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