My Hero Academia: Dabi's Big Promise May Foreshadow Some Major Reveals

My Hero Academia is one of the hottest manga in print, and fans are down to theorize about any part of the series. From its heroes to villains, any character is game, and a great many theories have been made for Dabi. After all, the villain has given the Todoroki family cause for concern, and a new theory predicts Dabi is about to drop some big bombshells on the public soon.

The theory was spawn shortly after My Hero Academia put out one of its recent chapters. The update ended with a check-up on Dabi who was thrilled to hear about Shigaraki's fight with Endeavor. The man tells Skeptic it is time to tear down hero society, and fans think they know how he will do so.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

The most prevalent theory is that Dabi is about to out the Number One Hero as an abuser of the worst degree. While Endeavor has been trying to make amends for his past, no one have forget his ugly past. The man abused his wife to the point she had a psychotic break, and Endeavor's abusive ways weren't kept from his kids. Fans believe Dabi has proof of Endeavor's disgusting past, and he will show it to the world with help from Skeptic. Because if there is one way to upturn society, it would be showing the world how evil Endeavor can be.

Another theory suggests Dabi has dirt on Hawks. The top-ranking hero did some ugly things align himself with the League of Villains during his undercover mission. Hawks often said he destroyed tapes that contained film of his misdeeds, but he may have missed some. Fans are curious is Dabi will try to frame Hawks as an actual villain should he have some incriminating tapes, and some fans hope these tapes shed light on what Hawks did to Best Jeanist.


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