My Hero Academia Villains Take Over Funimation with New Merchandise

The time has finally arrived wherein My Hero Academia has been overtaken by the story of the [...]

The time has finally arrived wherein My Hero Academia has been overtaken by the story of the League of Villains battling against the Meta Liberation Army in the My Villain Academia Arc and to celebrate, the antagonists of UA Academy have taken over Funimation. Offering new merchandise for the League of Villains themselves, along with other merchandise that was made popular thanks to the medium of anime, fans can have the opportunity to venture to the dark side with gear that features the likes of the League of Villains' leader Shigaraki along with the villain known as Stain.

Last week's episode of My Hero Academia's fifth season focused on the League of Villains attempting to prove themselves to the mad scientist Dr. Garaki by bringing low the monstrous villain known as Gigantomachia. Before Shigaraki and his crew are able to defeat the larger than life foe, who is proving to be one of the most dangerous foes that they've faced to date, they are interrupted by the wealthy antagonist known as ReDestro, the current leader of the MLA who has an ax to grind with the young villains. Now set on a collision course that will have massive ramifications on the world of hero society, the remainder of My Villain Academia is set to take things up a notch.

Funimation's Official Twitter Account shared the current takeover of their merchandise by Shigaraki and company, proving that the League of Villains' new storyline is one of the most anticipated in the history of My Hero Academia:

The current Arc of the fifth season of Deku and his friends' story is set to come to a close within a handful of episodes, getting fans ready for the upcoming sixth season which is sure to be the biggest of the series to date as it will more than likely dive into the events of the "War Arc", which sees all the heroes battling against over one hundred thousand villains.

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