My Hero Academia Shows Just How Important Hatsume is

My Hero Academia's fourth season has reached the climax of the Cultural Festival arc with the [...]

My Hero Academia's fourth season has reached the climax of the Cultural Festival arc with the latest episode of the series as Deku by chance ran into Gentle Criminal and La Brava and is now fighting alone to stop them before they make it to U.A. Academy and ruin the festival for everyone. But part of this fight has Deku tapping into his newest technique that he had been working on once he realized that using 20 percent of One For All's power resulted in tons of air pressure emitting from his body.

But while he had a tough time using this new ability, he was able to tap into a brand new kind of One For All smash thanks to some choice new support gear from Mei Hatsume. Like the last time Deku hugely improved thanks to Hatsume's iron soles, Deku's latest power up was a reflection of just how integral Hatsume has been for Izuku Midoriya's growth and teases just how important she will be for him going forward.

Mei Hatsume was first introduced as the wacky representative of the Support Course during the Sports Festival arc, and it initially seemed like she would just be a wacky character to help flesh out the wide world of U.A. Academy. But Power Loader teased that they'll be having to work closely with support students like Mei Hatsume, and Midoriya quickly realized how true that was when her help gave him a better use of Shoot Style out in the field.

Hatsume made her return to the anime in Season 4, and it was quickly revealed that Midoriya went to Hatsume to request a new item to help better his new technique much like she help him with his legs. Hatsume figured out how to weaponize his air pressure not long after, and now Midoriya is standing toe to toe with a new villain who's super mobile in the air thanks to her work.

This served as an example of just what Hatsume means to Midoriya's growth as a hero, and could potentially serve as a guidepost of how he continues to evolve the more she boosts his hero gear with her gadgets. But what do you think? Is this going to be a long running working relationship between Deku and Hatsume? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!