This My Hero Academia Theory About Endeavor's Agency Is Heartbreaking

The latest chapters of My Hero Academia's manga have not be kind to the current number one hero, [...]

The latest chapters of My Hero Academia's manga have not be kind to the current number one hero, Endeavor, and one fan has discovered a tragic easter egg that shows the depths that the flame wielding hero was looking to go in order to see whether or not his son Toya was in fact alive. Prior to the Paranormal Liberation War, Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo were called upon to be apprentices for Endeavor and though their time was shrt, they did have the opportunity to learn quite a few things under the man who was seeking to be the next Symbol of Peace.

Unfortunately for Endeavor, Dabi's identity was revealed to in fact be that of his long thought deceased son Toya, setting up a terrifying battle for both the number one hero and his youngest son against the member of the League of Villains. As one fan notes, Endeavor seemingly created his agency to tailor to aspiring heroes with Quirks revolving around fire in a bid to see if he could lure Toya to it and put to bed the question of whether or not his oldest son had been in fact killed years prior. While we don't know ultimately who will win when it comes to this fire war between heroes and villains, it's clear that the damage has been done to Endeavor.

Twitter User Oceniz 96 shared this unique Easter Egg that shows the true tragedy of Endeavor's agency is that despite the torture that he put his family through in order to create a new generation of strong heroes, he was still searching for his eldest son and unaware of the terrible route that Dabi was walking down:

Dabi might not ultimately defeat his father and brother in this handicap match that is coming up in the next chapter of My Hero Academia, but it's clear that he has already won a major battle in the public eye by releasing the horrors of Endeavor's past and the torment that he subjugated his family to.

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