My Hero Academia Trends Globally Thanks to a Role-Playing Challenge

With the identity of Dabi revealed in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, fans of UA Academy have found a hilarious "battle" that is taking place between Shoto Todoroki and the flame wielding villain when it comes to their respective dance moves. With the hero and villain set to come to blows in the next chapter of the manga created by Kohei Horikoshi during this painful "War Arc", fans of the popular Shonen series are taking this opportunity to dive into happier times by focusing on which of these two characters can bust a move better!

When Dabi revealed his identity in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, fans noted that his moves were somewhat similar to the style of Arthur Fleck, aka the Joker from the titular movie released by Warner Bros last year. Todoroki though has dance moves of his own that were revealed in the fourth season of the anime, wherein it was shown in a fictional segment that the youngest son of Endeavor had some fitting dance moves within the world of disco during the Cultural Festival Arc. While a dance off most likely isn't in the cards for the future of this hero and villain, it's hilarious to see fans wonder just who would come out victorious!

Twitter User Kiri Kiwis shared this breakdown between the two brothers of Endeavor, breaking down their individual dance moves that show how different both Dabi and Shoto are from one another when it comes to representing their respective allegiances to Class 1-A of UA Academy and the League of Villains:

Endeavor definitely won't be winning "father of the year" considering the amount of torment he put his children through in an effort to create a new generation of heroes that could continue in his work as a professional crime fighter. While the number one hero has tried his best to live outside of the shadow of the current Symbol of Peace in All Might, he has made some serious mistakes that are definitely coming back to haunt him, and won't be stricken from the record regardless of the dance moves that his sons are able to pull off.


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