My Hero Academia Reveals Hatsume's New Look

Warning! Major spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 339 below! My Hero Academia has officially brought back the fan favorite Support Class engineer, Mei Hatsume, to the manga and now she's sporting a new look for the occasion! The hero scene has been in utter chaos ever since the Paranormal Liberation Front War, and it has been an even wilder road in the aftermath as we have seen through the first wave of the Final Act thus far. These characters have been through quite a lot in a relatively short time, and thus have gone through quite a few physical and mental changes as a result.

The previous chapter of the series saw Class 1-A form their next plan of attack against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki (potentially using the traitor to do so), but to do so Izuku Midoriya and Tenya Iida needed some work on their hero gear. This meant the long awaited return of Mei Hatsume to the series, and while the cliffhanger from that chapter showed a bit of how much the support class member has changed since we had last seen her, the newest chapter gives us a full look at how much she has actually changed both physically and mentally. 

Chapter 339 of the series reunites Midoriya with Hatsume, and with it fans got to see what it's like for her and the Support Class workers now helping out the heroes as much as they can. She's now sporting some of her new creations and gear to do so, and even chose to ditch her traditional overalls look for just a moment upon their reunion. This isn't all for how much she has changed because while she sports a new look on the outside, she also has a much different mentality than fans had expected too. 

While it initially seems like not much had changed about her since Izuku and Tenya last met up with her, it's quickly revealed how much she and the support class are actually helping the heroes through the events of the Final Act. This new look came with a whole new mentality and work effort, and now it's not going to be long before Hatsume shows what she can really do next. 


What do you think? How did you like seeing Mei Hatsume returning to My Hero Academia after being gone for so long? How do you like seeing how much she has changed since then? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!