My Hero Academia Has a Major Pacing Problem it Needs to Fix

My Hero Academia hasn't dealt with many problematic blips, but there is always a first time for everything. Since the series went live, creator Kohei Horikoshi has been careful with his characters and story. When it was announced the manga was entering its final phase, fans were understandably wary but eager to see how the steady story would begin the trek. But now, My Hero Academia has a problem and it is called pacing.

The ordeal isn't being kept a secret from anyone. You only need to read the manga to see what's going on. It was just a few months ago that Horikoshi confirmed My Hero Academia was entering its final phase, but fans were assured there was a lot left for Izuku to do. However, things have not set right since the manga made its big announcement.

If you look online, it does not take much to find fans complaining about this final phase, and their issues boil down to pacing. My Hero Academia has rushed to warp speed in the last three months, and there is no telling whether the series will slow down soon. Once the manga launched its raid against Shigaraki, things hit the fan in fast succession. In a single arc, the villains went from a threat to a global superpower, and fans have been left with their heads spinning.

Now, readers are trying to catch their breaths, but the manga will not let them. If a hero isn't dying, then another is revealing their true allegiance as a spy. It seems like all the dominos are falling into place as My Hero Academia rockets towards its finale... but it doesn't feel time yet. Up until now, the manga has been even-keeled with its pacing, but this final arc has thrown caution to the wind.

As you can imagine, fans are reeling from the shift, and many admit they are detaching from My Hero Academia in the wake of these changes. Some have gone as far as to accuse this final phase of cheapening the overall story. In their eyes, Izuku's journey would be better served if it took place throughout Izuku's high school career rather than consuming a single year. At this point, time in the manga has lost all meaning to some readers, and that has become a sticking point for so many. And if My Hero Academia cannot reign in its pacing, well – things are going to get ugly real fast.


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