My Hero Academia Welcomes Back a Favorite Hero in New Cliffhanger

If you have been keeping up with My Hero Academia as of late, then you know Class 1-A has had a rough time. From new villains to a traitor's shocking reveal, Izuku has had it up to here with plot twists. Now, it seems the manga is ready turn the group's luck around, and it will start with a familiar face returning to the page. After all, a new cliffhanger confirmed one of Izuku's friends is back, and they are about to put the hero through his paces. 

The whole thing came to light when My Hero Academia chapter 338 went live. It was there fans checked in on Izuku as he and Class 1-A dealt with the fallout of Aoyama's revelation. Few expected the boy to be the traitor at U.A. High School, but that is how things went down. Now, the school wants to use Aoyama's ties to All For One to fix the battle in their favor, but Izuku needs Mei Hatsume's help to prepare.

Yes, that is right! Hatsume is back in action, and the support student is ready to do whatever Izuku needs. The end of My Hero Academia chapter 338 sees Izuku and Iida visit the pink-haired girl in her studio. Of course, things go awry when an explosion knocks Izuku to the ground and pushes Hatsume's chest in his face. But as we all know, the boy has been in this situation before.

It seems like Hatsume's number has been called to fix some of Izuku's gear that was broken while he was working solo. As for Iida, much of his quirk's precision relies on his suit, so it can always use some fine-tuning. There is no one better in My Hero Academia to spruce up the pair than Hatsume, and fans would be lying if they said they weren't happy to see the heroine. It has been quite some time since the inventor appeared in the series, but Hatsume seems to have been honing her skills in all that time.

What do you think about this character's big return? Do you think My Hero Academia will expand Hatsume's role as its final phase continues? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.