My Hero Academia Creator Shares Adorable Himiko Toga Sketches

My Hero Academia is filled with tons of memorable pro heroes, but as fans have come to see from series creator Kohei Horikoshi over the course of the manga's six year run, the villains are plenty memorable in their own right. Now Horikoshi has made the fan favorite villain, Himiko Toga, even more adorable with a pair of great sketches. Toga has been a key member of the League of Villains ever since she joined Tomura Shigaraki's side following the Hero Killer Stain fight, and fans have loved seeing how she has come into her own as a force of chaos.

But what makes Toga such an appealing character is how Horikoshi managed to inject a slight cuteness to the fan favorite villain. Tapping into the power of the "yandere" trope often seen in anime and manga, Horikoshi has made Toga a cute character that will also not hesitate to kill at any moment's notice. It's this continued dynamic that makes it fun to see her in the manga and anime, and it's quite difficult to predict what she will do next.

It's even possible to forget just how dangerous she could be especially when Horikoshi continues to share adorable new looks at the villain's daily life. It's the same case for a recent pair of sketches that hilariously pit Toga against a cat and a particularly tough piece of meat. It's smaller moments like this we don't get time for in the main series, so it's great to see! Check out the sketches for yourself below!

Toga continues to be one of the more compelling members of the League of Villains roster, and will most likely only grow more fearsome as the series continues beyond its current war between the heroes and villains. At the very least, she will most likely go on to cause a ton of chaos no matter what situation the villain finds herself in as the series continues.

Where does Himiko Toga rank among your favorites in the League of Villains? Where does she rank among your favorites when factoring in the heroes too? What kinds of moments are you hoping to see from the fan favorite villain in the future of My Hero Academia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!