My Hero Academia Finally Lets Toga Shine with One Terrifying Moment

My Hero Academia fans have been waiting for Himiko Toga to make her big move in the current war [...]

My Hero Academia fans have been waiting for Himiko Toga to make her big move in the current war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, and the latest chapter finally gave her time to shine with a terrifying scene. Like many of the other villains since the start of the war, Toga has been doing her fair share to brutalize the heroes. But Chapter 273 of the series now has her on a warpath as she cuts through several of the heroes without hesitation because she's furious over the death of Twice.

Twice's death was the first major loss of the war, and his goodbye scene with Toga was one of the most unexpectedly heartbreaking. Fans were hoping that Toga would seek revenge following the fan favorite character's death, and now it appears that she is taking that to heart as she sets off alone.

Chapter 273 checks on Mr. Compress after being saved from the heroes by Twice's final double, and he already figured out that Twice has died. He admits that he tried to stop Toga from jumping into the center of the action as it was "tantamount to suicide," but he's never seen her lose her cool like this. Toga often has a poker face when dealing with the heroes, but this chapter sees her stripped of that completely.

My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Terrifying Moment Manga
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She's currently knifing through the throats of several of the heroes after disguising herself among them, and she's out to get her revenge. Angry at the fact that she can't live her easy life and fill it with the things she loves (like Twice), Toga places her rage squarely at the rest of the heroes as her usual smile has seemingly corroded away.

She's completely lost her usual facade as her quirk melts away, and it's clear from here on out that we'll be seeing a much more fierce version of the villain than before. Because while she has never quite hesitated to kill, she's going to be gunning for it now without Twice there to help ease her worries.

What did you think of this terrifying display from Himiko Toga? What kind of villain do you think Twice's death will make her in the future? How much damage do you think she will cause as the war continues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!