My Hero Academia Explains Why Izuku Can Fight Shigaraki (For Now)

My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter finally explains something that fans have been wondering [...]

My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter finally explains something that fans have been wondering for weeks now: how can Izuku Midoriya hope to beat his evil rival, Tomura Shigaraki? My Hero Academia's "Paranormal Liberation War" arc has made Shigaraki the big "X" factor in an all-out war between pro heroes and villains, thanks to some nightmarish new enhancements. Shigaraki's disintegration work is now more powerful than ever; he has the entire array of All For One's stolen quirks at his disposal, and his body has All Might's strength and durability. So how can Deku hope to even battle Shigaraki? With a little help from his friends!

Warning: My Hero Academia chapter 277 SPOILERS Follow!

The previous chapters of My Hero Academia's manga revealed that Shigaraki truly has become godlike since he underwent the grueling enhancement process that All For One and his mad scientist Dr. Ujiko designed. The top pro heroes (led by Endeavor) didn't have enough combined force to stand against Shigaraki's boosted disintegration and arsenal of stolen quirks - that is, until Eraserhead showed up and used his quirk-canceling power to shut Shikagraki down!

Unfortunately, Eraserhead's canceling of Shigaraki's quirk only reveals a more horrible truth: Dr. Ujiko also gave Shigaraki a knock-off version of All Might's enhanced strength and durability, natural abilities that function even if Shigaraki's quirks don't. That revelation means Shigaraki still poses a major threat to the heroes - but it's a threat that Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo are now prepared to handle!

My Hero Academia Izuku Deku vs Shigaraki New Powers Manga 277 Spoilers
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Just before Endeavor got a major beatdown by Shigaraki, Deku and Bakugo arrive on the scene and jump the villain. As Izuku's shouts to Endeavor and the other pro heroes: "As long as Shigaraki's quirks are erased, we can join this fight, too!" As Izuku sees it, the worst-case scenario for the current fight would be the heroes losing Eraserhead. Aizawa's power is one of the most pivotal elements of My Hero Academia's storyline; more importantly, Deku reflects on the fact that his teacher has been there for him and the rest of Class 1-A at every key moment they've needed him to save them.

While the heart is there, the power to back it up is unfortunately lacking. Shigaraki shrugs off both Bakugo's explosive blasts and Deku's black whip power snares, claiming the two Class 1-A students are not 'on his radar.' However, after a few more turns of battle Izuku and Bakugo snare a Shigaraki in a trap, which uses Deku as bait while Bakugo unloads one big ultimate explosion on the villain. We'll have to wait until next time to see if it was at all effective.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.