My Hero Academia Shares Izuku's Worst-Case Scenario

As My Hero Academia's war between the heroes and villains continues, Izuku Midoriya learned that the worst case scenario for him would be Tomura Shigaraki getting full control of both All For One and One For All but that's not exactly his worst case scenario. After the last cliffhanger of the series saw Deku taking on Shigaraki directly in order to save his teacher Aizawa from potential harm, Deku revealed that his own worst case scenario would be anything happening to his teacher. Especially if that thing happened right before his eyes.

Chapter 277 of the series continues right where this cliffhanger left off as Deku has thrust himself right in Shigaraki's path. Declaring that it was safe for he and Bakugo to get in the fight now because Aizawa was currently holding back Shigaraki's quirks for as long as he can. He's doing whatever he can to save Aizawa from harm.

Stating that losing the teacher who had watched over them all of this time, and the teacher that he forged a true bond with over their time together, this resonates with Aizawa as well. He suddenly has a brief flashback to when he was seeing Deku in action for the first time and told him that he couldn't be a hero with his uncontrolled quirk during one of Class 1-A's sessions.

My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Deku Worst Case Scenario Manga Spoilers
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As fans saw in the previous chapters as Aizawa prepared to take on Shigaraki alone, he stood tall by imagining Class 1-A's faces before him. Not wanting to let his kids down, and vowing to himself that he wanted to see them grow, Aizawa did very much the same that Deku did in this situation. The both of them threw themselves into an unwinnable fight against Shigaraki's current Plus Ultra form, and now the both of them will need to rely on one another to survive the fight.


In the grand scheme of things, Shigaraki getting One For All would definitely be the worst scenario as his unfettered power would definitely decimate the world, but this chapter shows that the conflict is much more emotionally resonant than that. The threat is here right in front of them, and Deku is deciding to face that rather than the ominous threat of the future.

But what do you think of Izuku's worst case scenario here? Would losing his teacher be a huge loss for the young heroes? Do the both of them have a chance of making it out of this fight alive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!