My Hero Academia Drops Bombshell with Shigaraki's Big Betrayal

My Hero Academia fans know a lot about Shigaraki, and that means they understand how devoted he is [...]

My Hero Academia fans know a lot about Shigaraki, and that means they understand how devoted he is to All For One. The twisted boy was raised by the villain to become his perfect successor, and All For One did not have the best motives for doing so. After all, the manga just stunned everyone when it witnessed Shigaraki betray someone, and it is the last person fans expected.

The information came with chapter 277 as the manga put out a new episode this week. The update checked in on the raid as Izuku and Bakugo entered the fight to save Aizawa from Shigaraki. The baddie is more dangerous than ever after having been gifted All For One, and fans saw what the Quirk has done to Shigaraki.

It turns out the latent power held within All For One is stronger than One For All. Shigaraki is momentarily possessed by the spirit of his master, and Shigaraki is none too happy about that. In fact, the villain decides it is time he did away with his master now that he has all this power, so he pulls a fast one over All For One.

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"Your will is too strong, master. This is my power. My body. You don't get to be some phantom voice whispering in my head," Shigaraki tells himself.

The boy goes on to wonder how All For One could be so great as he touted when All Might beat him not once but twice. Shigaraki admits he is grateful for all the work his master did for him, but it is time for Shigaraki to cut the cord and pursue his own destiny.

"I don't want to be like you. I want to be greater than you," he says before decaying any presence of his master from his psyche.

Clearly, Shigaraki has grown leaps and bounds to do something like this... and that is bad news for the heroes. The boy is without guidance for the first time in his life, and Shigaraki has the raw power to cull cities if left unchecked. There has never been a time to fear Shigaraki more in My Hero Academia, and that means Izuku has a lot of training to do before he can measure up to his foe.

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