My Hero Academia Reveals the Worst Case Scenario for Society

Living in a world filled with superheroes might sound great, but that isn't quite true. My Hero [...]

Living in a world filled with superheroes might sound great, but that isn't quite true. My Hero Academia has explored the consequences of such a society as villains only grow more dangerous when they're cooped up so forcefully. You only have to look at Shigaraki to see how true that is, and Gran Torino knows it. This is why the old-school hero knows the real worst-case scenario for mankind, and it has to do with Izuku.

The information was shared when the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia debuted. The update came towards the middle of chapter 276 after Gran Torino touched down with Izuku and Bakugo in tow. It turns out the older man wants the students to stay away from Shigaraki, and he has good reason to.

"Word is that All For One's quirk was transferred to Shigaraki," the man told the boys. "If he manages to steal One For All from you, well - what's worse than the worst-case scenario?"

My Hero Academia Season 4 Izuku Midoriya Deku
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Clearly, Gran Torino is taking Shigaraki very seriously, and he has every right to do so. The protege of All For One destroyed half of the city without lifting a finger. His Decay powers have become stronger than ever, and that isn't even factoring in the new Quirks he inherited from All For One. And if the boy is really able to take One For All away from Izuku, then the world would be in a heap of trouble.

As far as fans know, One For All can only be transferred with Izuku's consent, but there are a lot of things we do not know about Shigaraki. At this point, it would be safest to keep Izuku out of Shigaraki's sights. But when Eraser Head is targeted by the League of Villains leader, Izuku is the first one to intervene.

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