My Hero Academia Explains Why Aizawa Refuses to Die Right Now

Aizawa may have started off on the wrong foot with fans when My Hero Academia got started, but his [...]

Aizawa may have started off on the wrong foot with fans when My Hero Academia got started, but his reputation has done a total turnaround. The pro hero has become an ideal mentor to Izuku and the rest of Class 1-A after realizing their true potential. Of course, that means Aizawa has gotten knocked around by villains in the pursuit of keeping his students safe, and it turns out they are the reason why Aizawa isn't about to let Shigaraki kill him.

Recently, the manga made that much clear when it put out chapter 276. The update followed Aizawa as the man did his best to keep Shigaraki locked down. After the boy got a major power boost with All For One, Shigaraki has never been so deadly, and Aizawa wants to keep all his powers at bay. But when the leader comes flying at him with the intent to kill, Aizawa realizes an important truth about himself.

"No, I can't afford to die. If I die, there'll be no one left to hold him back! I still have to watch over them until they graduate and become heroes. I still need to," Aizawa reminds himself as he braces for Shigaraki to attack.

My Hero Academia Chapter 254 Aizawa
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The emotional moment proves how strong the bond is between Aizawa and his students. Sure, he may get fed up with Mineta easily, but that doesn't mean he will let their potential go to waste. Izuku and Bakugo continue to remind the teacher what good can come from good guidance, and he is trying his hardest. At the very least, Aizawa wants to ensure Class 1-A can handle itself before he should die, so he knows he must be careful when protecting them. But as this chapter's cliffhanger proves, the teacher should be more worried about his students protecting him...

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