My Hero Academia Describes All For One's Haunting Nightmares

There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it - All For One is a very gnarly dude. The baddie has been the bane of My Hero Academia since day one whether fans knew it or not. Shigaraki and he have only caused even bigger issues for our heroes as the series has gone on. And thanks to a new chapter, fans have better insight on what goes on in All For One's head when he sleeps.

The story was shared in chapter 287 of the manga as My Hero Academia dove into Izuku's mid. Fans kept up with the boy as he faced off with All For One and Shigaraki in his mind. He was backed by One For All's former users, so Izuku was hardly in danger. But before All For One was booted, he told the gallery about the nightmares he gets.


"I'm prone to the oddest dreams, from time to time. In my dreams, those whose quirks I've stolen show up to hurl abuse my way. These episodes often leave me discouraged. Am I really capable of feeling guilt for my sins like some utterly ordinary person," All For One asked.

"But here's the strangest part! Once I get rid of a quirk, its former owner stops haunting my sleep."

As you can see, All For One does suffer some after stealing quirks from others. There is still no hard number out there of the powers he's stolen over the years. It is safe to say All For One has taken a good few quirks in his time, and the original users of those quirks come back to haunt him. In fact, All For One says their influence upon him at night makes him feel guilty, and that makes him rather disgusted. After all, a baddie such as he should never have regrets.


All For One lives his life haunted by his sins, and that sounds plenty terrible to most people. But when it comes to this villain, his heart is hardened past the point of caring. He is able to wave off the hauntings easily enough, and in the end, the strange dreams ended up educating him about a long-held secret behind quirks.

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